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Your facility needs to perform, and we specialize in developing every detail of its design to achieve high levels of operational efficiency. This work culminates in a set of documents for the foodservice scope of work that incorporate all design considerations and equipment specifications. Any recommendations for specific material or equipment are made only for your benefit: we do not sell equipment or receive any commission payments.

Specific design services include:

  • Space relationship/flow diagrams
  • Equipment cost estimation
  • Conceptual drawings
  • Schematic design
  • Contract documents

The first step to a successful project is determining the best design solution. Next is documenting it clearly and accurately.

This documentation enables competitive bidding for the food service equipment and defines the “Division of Work” and identifies “Related Work to be Performed by Others” such that the architect and consulting engineers can represent these requirements in their respective areas of work

In the earlier phases of the design we document things like area programs (sf), meetings, cost estimates, equipment selections, etc. But the final phase of documentation is “where the rubber meets the road.” The reason for this is that the construction contracts are awarded on the basis of the final documentation. Errors and omissions in the final documentation often result in change orders and additional during construction.

There are many tools that we rely on to prepare quality documents including design review checklists, Principal review of drawings, etc.

  • We rely on the best, fully featured commercial kitchen design software available
  • We notify all of the manufacturer’s representatives specified on the project and invite them to our project website for their review comments on the project at hand which are then incorporated prior to final issue
  • Through our software we create a “Responsibility Matrix” which delineates specific tasks by trade. This is particularly helpful to consulting engineers for projects with multiple utility connections.

Our exclusive process is at the heart of our ability to deliver error free documentation.

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