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From facility evaluation to final punch list, rely on our
expertise and experience to keep your project on time and on budget.

Our Process: Design - Bid - Build

A well-designed dining facility is profitable, and sets out on the path to become so long before the cooking starts. Clevenger Frable LaVallee’s commitment to serve only our clients, without partiality, is rooted in our 3-tier project process: Design, Bid, Build.

While other companies do not offer this service, we believe that requesting and analyzing competitive bids from a number of qualified contractors is critical to determining the real market price of each project. This is the only way for owners to proceed with full confidence.

Facility Assessments

Our work often begins with an evaluation of existing facilities to estimate service capacity, determine the status of existing foodservice equipment and potential for reuse, and develop a budget for expansion or renovation. We can also step in to help solve problems, confirm code compliance or conduct peer reviews of design work completed by others.

Design Services

Our expertise in diverse market segments and experience gained over the course of more than 2,000 projects means that every detail of your foodservice facility will be designed in a methodical, cost-effective way.

Construction Administration

We monitor the construction of your project to ensure it progresses as it should and that it meets our specifications and your expectations.

Prototype Development

With every decision you make, you have the opportunity to increase your chances of creating a successful business, and we can help

Operational Assistance

We have many years of hands-on operations management experience in the foodservice industry, and can offer assistance in a variety of areas, to make your business more productive and profitable.


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