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Eagle Hill School – Hardwick House



Plan the replacement of the kitchen to include:

  • Relocate the kitchen in order to provide contiguous access to all classrooms from inside the building.
  • Increase the menu variety.
  • Achieve even distribution of students throughout the space during peak periods.
  • Improve upon current facility – related deficiencies.
  • Reset the clock on the facility life cycle.



  • Provide side by side comparison of existing vs. proposed equipment capacities.
  • Plan for remote self-service beverage, desserts, deli and salad bar stations.
  • Replace reach-in freezers in the kitchen with walk-in freezer.
  • Reuse existing equipment where practical.
  • Owner planned use of mobile kitchen during construction.  Gymnasium was used as a temporary dining space.



The renovation resulted in improved kitchen organization and work flow.  Facility – related deficiencies were resolved. The clock on the facility life cycle was reset for the next 20 – 25 years.


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Eagle Hill School – Hardwick House

Category:  Education
Client:  KG&D Architects
Location:  Greenwich, CT
Services:  Design Services
Equipped Area:  4,160 SF
Eagle Hill School – Hardwick House | CFL Design