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Clevenger Frable LaVallee, Inc. is an independent, professional organization providing food service planning and design services to architects/engineers, planning professionals and project owners.

We are foodservice consultants.

We plan and design commercial food and beverage facilities for clients in the hospitality industry. Segments of the industry that we serve include hotels, health care, corporate dining, education, restaurants, resorts, clubs and cultural attractions.

Our deliverables typically consist of design documents that enable an owner to solicit competitive proposals for the delivery and “setting in place” of the food service equipment on a project. Our documents are coordinated with the Architect and Consulting Engineer to confirm that the finishes and building infrastructure are properly planned to withstand use in the commercial kitchen environment.

We do not manufacture or sell foodservice equipment. We “design and specify” and receive no remuneration for our work aside from those professional fees paid by the owners and Architects that we work for.

Founded in 1983, our business has grown and evolved throughout the years. In our early days our primary concentration was hotel foodservice renovation before diversifying into other segments including health care, education, corporate dining and then freestanding restaurants. Our entrée into each new segment began with a significant project and grew through word of mouth as our clients and architects began to refer us to others.

Today, the stature and number of our clients and projects continue to increase. We plan to maintain the principles and time – tested processes that have contributed to our success.  Our team of diverse, skilled professionals, many of whom have over 20 years of service, will continue to deliver the right measure of skill and experience on every project.

Our Team

Diverse in skill, Committed to quality & Dedicated to our Client's objectives.

A great company requires great people. In a business that’s all about relationships, it’s no accident that, on average, staff members have been with us for over 20 years. Our common denominator is project management. Beyond that everyone contributes their own specialty including programming, design, equipment selection, engineering, culinary arts, cost estimation, etc. That our size belies our capability is a testament to the efficiency of our team having worked together on over 2500 projects. This efficiency translates directly into time and cost savings for our clients and a better experiences for their employees and customers.

  • Foster Frable

    A childhood fascination with restaurants and hotels, as well as strategic early career choices, gave CFL Principal Foster Frable a head start in an…
  • James LaVallee

    Jim LaVallee started his food service career working in restaurants at 16 years old.  Since then, he has worked in many different types of…
  • Gary S. Bensky

    Since 1999, the man behind CFL’s chef-friendly kitchen designs is Executive Chef/Senior Project Director Gary Bensky. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America…
    Consulting Executive Chef
  • Carlos Nunes

    Carlos figured out a great secret early in life: if you get a good job related to food, you’ll never run out of work.…
    Senior Project Director
  • Rick Rasulo

    Rick enjoys his work because it allows him to use everything he’s learned in his very diverse career in foodservice since 1974 – from…
    Senior Project Director
  • Diane Vitale-Russell

    Diane is the glue that holds the office together. She serves as office manager and administrative assistant; handles benefits, purchasing, accounting duties, RFQ submissions…
    Technical Services Manager
  • Blain Webster

    Our newest team member, Blain, is a B.P.S. graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park. He holds certificates from The Court of…
    Project Director

Our Clients

Our client list speaks for itself. We work with regional, national and international clients in a variety of industries and settings. Here is a sample of some of our current and past clients:

Why CFL?

This question might better be asked of many of our existing Clients for whom we have designed over 25 projects spanning multiple hospitality segments over many years. They would likely respond with the following reasons:

  • Proven performance.
  • Confidence in the competitive bid process.
  • Best outcomes.

Architects, engineers and planning professionals can rely on our professional objectivity, prompt preparation of project “deliverables” and responsible follow through, resulting in successful project implementation. We have a long track record of exceptional adherence to budgets and on-time preparation of project documentation.

Owners can rest assured they are working with experienced professionals knowledgeable in every aspect of state of the art food systems, procedures, equipment and management techniques. When faced with complex and challenging projects we excel at finding practical, cost effective solutions.

When considering your options, consider the CFL difference:

We Listen

Every project starts with an idea or a purpose – and that comes from you. You have goals, challenges, aspirations. We don’t try to fit your project into a mold, but rather to use our resources and the successful methods we’ve honed over many years to create the best possible outcome for you.

We're Diverse

We have deep and diverse experience within each market segment we serve, including kitchens, bakeries and commissaries, restaurants, hotels, clubs, cultural attractions, schools and corporate parks, among others. Our team members each bring a different skillset to our projects, with expertise in design, operations, management, finance, menus, culinary arts, and much more.

We Advocate

We are your best advocate when it comes to food facility planning and design.  Typically, we are the team member with the most project experience involving commercial kitchens because it’s all we do.   We share our experience with other team members in order that all of your project objectives can be achieved.

We're Objective

Our recommendations are in your best interest ONLY. We don’t manufacture or sell equipment and we don’t receive any commission for material we specify on your behalf. We operate without influence from manufacturers and their representatives in presenting you the best design and equipment solutions.
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