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James LaVallee


Jim LaVallee started his food service career working in restaurants at 16 years old.  Since then, he has worked in many different types of restaurants from fast food to high volume casual to high end table service in positions of increasing responsibility. He has a master’s degree in business administration with a major in hotel, restaurant and institutional management from Michigan State University. While employed at the university he added to the breadth of his operational experience with responsibility for the operation of the central bakery/food processing center, concessions and central cafeteria all supporting a resident student population of 18,000.

His education, with a focus on the engineering and financial management of hospitality operations, combined with his diverse operational experience have served him well.  The firm’s projects benefit accordingly… solutions are grounded in the practicality of what it takes to make them work both operationally and financially.

Today, Jim is responsible for the day to day operation of the firm, and maintains a full project load. Each one comes with different goals, circumstances and people, and he loves the resulting dynamic nature of the work he does.

James LaVallee | CFL Design