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Grand Hyatt – New York Central



Provide an exciting  star Chef driven standalone restaurant and bar on the mezzanine overhanging 42nd street and separate from the hotel. It would need to be open and visible to guest traffic in the hotel lobby.



  • The location offered no access to the hotel BOH core, including receiving and storage.
  • Pre-function space was directly above the kitchen did not allow kitchen exhaust system or ducts.
  • No override space existed to install an elevator that would connect to the mezzanine space.
  • Design the restaurant for “stand alone” status should it be separated from the hotel BOH operation in the future.



  • Create an innovative kitchen ventilation system with the hood exhausting down through the center of the cooking suite. The pollution control unit (PCU)¬† located below the kitchen allowed the exhaust directly onto 42nd Street.
  • Miniaturize all functions to allow the kitchen to be “stand alone” with limited need to access central F&B storage and prep.
  • Master plan space for future prep and storage behind kitchen should the restaurant become completely independent.
  • Install upgraded wheel chair lift modified to act as a cart lift connecting the kitchen to level below with access to BOH.
  • Repurpose underutilized retail and luggage holding space directly below kitchen and bar to use for storage (keg cooler) and mechanical support (PCU and compressors) that were required.



  • Converted an underutilized bar space into a vibrant, active restaurant with open kitchen, Chef’s table and great views from the lobby.


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Grand Hyatt – New York Central

Category:  Hotels
Client:  New York Central at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, NYC
Location:  New York, NY
Services:  Design Services
Equipped Area:  1,800 SF
Grand Hyatt – New York Central | CFL Design