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Roth Dining – Stony Brook University



Roth Dining Hall is one of several primary campus dining facilities. Built in the mid -1960’s the facilities were beyond the end of their useful life. While the points of service in the existing food court style of operation remained functional, there were significant problems with the building infrastructure that could not be deferred. A complete renovation of the building would be required.



To design foodservice facilities offering popular menu programs capable of supporting high volume demand and tight control of each sales transaction.



A food court style of operation was selected as a means of achieving control over each sales transaction. Decentralized beverage dispensing and cashiering was planned for each of the three main points of service: Wendy’s, Pizza/ Subs and Comfort Foods.

The two story structure, required major renovation. A foot bridge would be con­structed linking the new main entrance to a nearby bus stop. The main floor would be used for kitchen, serving, dining and lounge space. The lower level would be allocated to classrooms, coffee bar, restrooms, food service stor­age and mechanical space. The loading dock area would be improved for better delivery access. A material handling lift would be added to link lower level storage with the main floor.



The renovation reset the clock on the facility life cycle. The building was transformed into an attractive dining venue and the new points of service reflecting current menu trends.


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Roth Dining – Stony Brook University

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Client:  Roth Dining, Stony Brook University
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Roth Dining – Stony Brook University | CFL Design