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Rye Country Day School



Renovate the serving and dining spaces for improved function, student circulation and aesthetics. Reuse existing equipment where practical.



Upper School:

  • Redesign to allow students to get drinks without entering the servery.
  • Eliminate “road blocks” in the student circulation zone.
  • Design a double hot line that will also serve as the off – hours snack shop.
  • Add new merchandising equipment to create a snack shop feel when the cafeteria is not serving meals.
  • Eliminate unsightly, noisy equipment.

Lower School:

  • Relocate the main serving counter.
  • Include new millwork serving counters. 
  • Plan a new double sided salad and beverage counter, two new condiment counters and a new trash sorting counter.
  • A hand wash station w/ two hand sinks was planned to facilitate student handwashing.



The look and feel of the serving areas project a more contemporary look, consistent with the school’s image.  Design changes resulted in improved function and flow of the serving and dining areas.  The clock on the facility life cycle was reset for the next 20 – 25 years.


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Rye Country Day School

Category:  Education
Client:  Rye Country Day School
Location:  Rye, NY
Services:  Design Services
Equipped Area:  2,000 SF
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