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Syracuse University



  • Define the role of the central commissary in the context of the operation of the campus food service system.
  • Determine if the warehouse element should be eliminated in favor of a direct ship program from the primary distributors to the end users.
  • Determine the benefit of centralizing hot and cold food production at the central commissary.
  • Define a plan for renovation of the facility to address existing limitations in the areas of inadequate space, excessive material handling, employee and material circulation patterns and shipping/receiving.



  • Determine how much additional space is required.
  • Developing an efficient, cost effective plan for the renovation.
  • Calculating the return on investment for the centralized food production component.
  • Working through the cost/ benefit analysis of relying on a primary distributor and eliminating the central food warehousing element.



A renovation/expansion plan was implemented to achieve a number of objectives:

  • Improve operating efficiencies at the central warehouse.
  • Design to reduce operating costs (labor and food) system-wide.
  • Improve consistency of prepared food.
  • Address space limitations in the existing facility and allocate space for future.

By choosing to maintain the existing central bulk refrigerated and dry warehouse space, centralize the hot and cold food production and renovate/ expand the existing facility the main features of the plan included:

  • The construction of an addition which added approximately 12,000 square feet to the existing building.
  • The addition of 3 truck docks. One dock was for the receipt of all incoming products from food manufacturers and the other two were dedicated to the catering and vending functions. The existing, enclosed 3 bay truck well, formerly used to support all shipping and receiving functions, is now used for shipping bulk and prepared foods only¬†to the residence halls and cash operations.
  • The addition of approximately 2,500 feet for a new catering kitchen and dedicated storage facility.
  • The addition of a frozen warehouse, approximately 4,000 feet with 3- tier high pallet storage racks.
  • New and expanded dishwashing and potwashing facilities.



  • The renovated/expanded facility addressed the shortcomings of the existing facility, improved material handling throughout the warehouse, and contributed to improved efficiency and economy of operation throughout the campus – wide foodservice system.


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Syracuse University

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